Read WhatsApp messages secretly

Read WhatsApp messages secretly

Most of the people that do not read WhatsApp messages immediately by sending a message read receipt immediately report it is found that their message has been read. Of course if you know it will be a blue double-check a message has been read and the message that it means.

When was the last time WhatsApp time and date can also see all your friends. Well, you can disable these options, go to Privacy Settings that should not be read receipt nor you them but see when the line so you do not have time to last game of nor will you be able to see to read your messages.

All messages will be read WhatsApp that you want, but you do not know that you have seen your WhatsApp. The Shh No Last Seen or Read application will be required. This android application is available free to consumers. Text search her name on Google Play Store and will soon be installed.

Download from Google Playstore

To take advantage of this application that are included in the free version too often that you have to tolerate advertising.

Whenever the mood rather than read WhatsApp messages WhatsApp open secret in this application. Keep in mind that you'll only see new incoming messages to WhatsApp. The messages can be read only can not be answered. To answer, you must use the WhatsApp. Then close the application WhatsApp normally use when you go back online mode.

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