A.O.A My Name is Adnan Aslam I was born on 4th March 1954  in the Federally Administrated Areas of Pakistan called “FATA” I am currently 64 years old in the papers but I guess I am something 27 in REAL :P: I used to be a GOOD cricket player in the past almost for 8 years as most of the youngsters loved this GAME in Pakistan and so I was too till 2009.

I started taking interest in computers & internet, and I found it very interesting thing to learn because the real world was turning very fast towards Information Technology. I started learning computer & internet courses in 2007, And thus, after 7 years of continue struggles now I have some extensive knowledge about computers and internet. And this is the most valuable thing for me, I really respect it. I try to share it and want to share all of it before leaving this world, at the same time I continue learning new things because Information Technology Or Knowledge has no boundary. Everyday is a new day for me as a learner and I try to learn at least one new thing every single day.

The Idea -Or- Objectives

I was looking on the internet for some kind of Urdu-Hindi Tutorials, because my English was not up to the mark at that time, despite having tried a lot, I didn’t find a reliable and/or perfect place on the internet to learn something absolutely free and more importantly completely with every single point explained, but after all headache, I failed, I didn’t find a place. At the same time I decided to create a platform for Urdu-Hindi Tutorials one day, and this is in front of you “https://Ask-Adnan.blogspot.com”. I started it in 2014 and today it is almost 2 years old. Be Happy Year all is well now, I kicked up the revolution and so many followed me in the right way, that’s what I wanted for people. But don’t forget me in this regard.

actually know about Computer - Internet are listed Here:

  1. Graphics Designing (Photoshop, Corel Draw,)
  2. Office Automation (Word, Excel, Power Point)
  3. Blogging (WordPress, Blogger,)
  4. Making Money Online  (Online Teaching, Adsense, Affiliate Marketing & Freelancing)
  5. SEO (Having Good knowledge in it)
  6. Writing (Articles, Presentations,)
  7. Google Adsense (Google Network to earn money with website)
  8. Google Webmaster (Google tool for crawling & indexing your website)
  9. Google Feedburner (Google tool for syndicating your content)
  10. Google Analytics (Google tool for collecting your site’s statistical data)
  11. Tricks (Android Tricks, Iphone Tricks, Internet Tricks, Pc Tricks)
  12. Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Google+)
  13. Affiliate Marketing (ClickBank, Amazon, linkshare)
Something Photos With My Czn:

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My big Brother Usman Aslam

little Party With My Sweet CZN...I'm So Happy

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